Community Engagement


Queer Artist Kiki: Edinburgh Fringe

Let’s have a Kiki! Drag duo Hasadick and Rosay host this year’s LGBTQ artist mixer. The goal of this event is not only to bring queer artists together, but to create a network of potential collaborators worldwide. Come celebrate with us as we bring together all sorts of queer folx and create an environment where people can share their stories, support each other and laugh like only we can!

Workshop: Come out into the Light

In partnership with Expanding identities

Come Out Into The Light- is a workshop created by both Noga and Josh in collaboration with Expanding Identities. Expanding Identities is a Los Angeles based organization aimed at creating empowerment through education and collaboration to expand the definition of identity. Together they formed a two part workshop combining Queer storytelling and shadow puppetry.

How do we use our own stories to connect with others? How do we build community through empathy? How do we find visual language for our own stories? This workshop begins with providing the tools to discuss queer identity and create a shared starting point to the conversation. It explores the ways in which we can develop our own narratives of struggle and strength through a queer lens. How can we share stories and resonate with those different from our own? How can we communicate through these differences? Half way through the workshop we will each be telling our story using the tools that were given and then explore the narratives visually. How can shadow puppetry narrate a part of who are? How can abstract emotions be expressed in puppets? Participants will be given the opportunity to narrate their own stories in a visual landscape.